Women health at some retarded countries under the real threat as a professional treatment is unavailable for most citizens. It sounds awfully as we are talking not about some luxury conveniences like custom automobiles for women which can be discarded. Health is an essential part of the people's dwelling and women heath also influence on future generations. To keep it stable is much more important than to cure spoiled one as human life is not some car accessory, which can be bought at any automotive store. Here we need to pay special attention and involve all possible means to guarantee superb conditions for medicine development in every indigent part of the world.

Transportation for medicine needs

Thousands of women and men were lost due to the lack of transportation means, that could transfer the patient to the hospital rather quickly. Lots of females had to give birth to their babies at some untidy places, where sterility was not even heard about. Providing of vehicles would fix the problem a lot. Not every dwelling in poor countries can buy rescue cars like ambulance or any other 4-wheels transport. And even if they have some, those automotive means live till the first failure as car parts and accessories also a huge dilemma for such districts. From that point of view it is the first place priority for sponsors and supporters to provide automobiles and automotive parts, which will rescue millions of women lives. Involving cars and car accessories supports basic human rights of women and children by campaigning against FGM and other harmful traditional practices while promoting beneficial practices.


Our mission is the promotion of gender equality and justice by eliminating harmful traditional practices, to enable women to participate fully in the social, cultural and political development of their continent like impossibility to use widely spread conveniences starting from honorable treatment and professional medicine support to other simple stuffs like using cosmetics or riding automobiles.